Regular maintenance of your electrical systems is essential and here at DW Electrical we offer our customers a service which is tailored specifically to your company.

In the same way that you maintain your car, anything that is used on a regular basis will incur wear and tear and need looking after so that it can perform efficiently.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • Call outs
  • Thermal imaging
  • The testing and maintenance of:
  • Fixed wiring installations
  • Electrical displays and signs
  • General and emergency lighting
  • Extractors/ventilation, air conditioning
  • Fire alarms
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Energy efficiency surveys
  • Fire risk assessments

Why choose our maintenance service?

Save Money - Regular maintenance ensures that your systems: remain efficient, last longer, and save energy
Priority Service - As a member of our maintenance service, you will also be given a priority service for emergencies and breakdowns.

Testing - When we come to maintain your systems we can also carry out any routine testing that may be required and issue any necessary certificates for your records/insurance purposes.

Safety - A scheduled plan of maintenance significantly minimises the risk of any danger to you or your staff
Automatic Notification - We will provide you with a schedule of maintenance, so that you know when and how often we will need to visit your premises

Avoid Disruption - Electrical faults can cause a significant disruption, loss of income, damage and considerable costs for repair

Avoid legal action – make sure you’re not breaking the law which could leave you without insurance, or prevent you from being issued a license to trade.

*Please note: if we identify any urgent work that needs to be carried out, this must be addressed before a regular maintenance schedule can be implemented.

“DW carried out the small power and lighting installation to the Rosewood London Hotel for the FOH and BOH areas. They proved to be incredibly pro-active, professional and courteous.”

rosewoodMark Shade,
Senior MEP Services Manager, Rosewood London Hotel

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